MORE than 5,000 people turned into an online Book Launch reflecting the life of a prolific Eastbourne campaigner.
The Facebook live event was called Betty Gallacher Book Launch – Standing Up For Workers.
It was a conversation with former bus worker, LGBT+ and community activist Betty Gallacher, hosted by Unite the union.
Betty, who now chairs Bourne Out LGBT+ group in Eastbourne, told the wide audience how she made an impact in Eastbourne.
She said: “When we moved to Eastbourne, my partner was still working in Scotland, and one night we were at a gathering in Eastbourne. At 8.30pm, everyone left. We thought they were going to a nightclub when, in fact, they were going home.
“I said then that ‘we will change it. we will have Pride in Eastbourne, and on that night, pride was born.
“Eastbourne Borough Council did not expect us to do well and only gave us a small piece of Princes Park.
“But we made a mark on Eastbourne at the first event back in 2016 and we have built from there.
“It has been wonderful to see the change in people who are part of Bourne Out. We have worked hard and the attitudes and feelings are more positive.”
Betty was asked by people during the Facebook Live session about her battles in working life.
Her advice was: “When you want something done, fight for it and never give up. If you think something is wrong challenge it. Fight for what you believe in.”
View the book here  Betty Gallacher (