MORE than a dozen trees have recently been planted across Eastbourne thanks to local councillors. 

Meads councillors Robert Smart, Barry Taylor and Jame Lamb agreed £1,500 from the borough council’s devolved budget scheme to pay for six new trees in Chiswick Place 

In a joint statement, they said: “Trees have a really positive impact on the appearance of our streets and bring a host of environmental benefits all year round. We welcome these new additions to the town centre environment.” 

In Ratton, councillors Colin Belsey, Tony Freebody and Colin Murdoch approved £2,000 for eight new trees to be planted in Westfield Road, following requests from residents. 

Meanwhile, Le Brun Road is benefitting from two new trees costing £500 from the devolved budget of Upperton councillors Pat Rodohan, Sammy Choudhury and Robin Maxted. This matches £500 raised by residents to pay for two further trees in that road.