Morrisons in Eastbourne is giving away cornflower seeds ahead of the Queens Platinum Jubilee, as a symbol of hope and positivity. 
The Platinum Jubilee is a time for celebration and hope, and through our paper chain messages and community awards we can help celebrate hope in the run up to the long awaited weekend.
Kim and Sally will recognise and award pillars of hope in the community in four categories as part of the campaign.

Kim explains: “Hero, Organisation, People ‘choice and Epco help spell the word HOPE. A hero is a person who goes above and beyond, the organisation will be a charity or community group, the peoples choice will be someone nominated by the community on my Facebook page, and eco warrior is someone who supports the local environment.” 
Cornflowers are being used in the Super bloom display at the Tower of London in celebration of the Queens Platinum Jubilee . These easy to grow wild flowers are great for bees and butterflies and can be sown in June to flower In September.
Rebecca Singleton, community director at Morrisons said “it has been a challenging year for many people in the UK and around the world and we would like to help spread hope amongst our customers and communities. The Platinum Jubilee is a time for celebration and through our millions of Seeds of Hope packs, we want the cornflowers with their bold sapphire shade, to represent brighter and more positive times ahead.”