Mortain Place residents had quite a surprise on Friday afternoon when they saw a multi-coloured bouncy castle in their back garden.

Alex Leftley, lead activities coordinator, came up with the idea of arranging a bouncy castle from local company Defiant Sports and after many risk assessments they put their plan into action.

The sun was shining, and staff and carers assisted many residents who wanted a go, onto the bouncy castle using a slide sheet and gently bounced them, many of them it being their first time on one.

Julia Farmer, 83, who has been a resident at the home for less than a year, said ‘I enjoyed it very much, I have never been on a bouncy castle before’

Whilst Doris Goff, 90, said ‘it was my first time and it was great’ even resident Gladys Thompson who is 101 had a go, she was grinning from ear to ear and couldn’t stop laughing.

Catherine Brewster, General Manager, said ‘it was so lovely to see pure joy on the residents faces, and I was so pleased to see so many of them having fun. Sometimes you have to think outside the box’

Mortain Place would like to thank Defiant Sports for making this happen and would like to remind everyone that you shouldn’t let age define you.