THE Beacon was in the spotlight yesterday when we were debating online whether we needed more seating around town.

It’s fair to say The Beacon did not come out favourably.

Here is resident Jan Whiting: “There are so many things that need doing, all shopping centres need seating and we do have some, although most of the seating in the Beacon looks like playgroup furniture. If in the future the seating is reviewed, perhaps we could have some proper benches.”

Rhiannon Johnson said: “The Beacon needs to get rid of those silly kiddy seats and all of the glaring ceiling colours and get some normal seating. The flooring near them is really bad for wheelchair users and the less able. Better off turning one of the empty shops into a play area for kids and just getting some decent seating.”

June Marsh said: “The seat they have in The Beacon is not accessible for me and I can’t be the only one.”