Eastbourne and Willingdon MP Caroline Ansell has welcomed Motcombe school council members to Westminster when the group visited to see how parliament works.

Nine children from the school travelled up with Headteacher Tracy Robinson and staff last week.

Caroline turned tour guide for a short time and spoke with them in the historic Westminster Hall about the history of parliament and the responsibility of everyone who works there.

Caroline explained the process of Prime Minister’s Questions, how to ask questions in the House of Commons, and even the role of sniffer dogs.

The sport and tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston also stopped by to say hello to the group.

“What an absolute delight to have these pupils up to London to see how parliament works,” said Caroline.

“The group was incredibly curious and attentive, and full of questions. One pupil asked about how the Government is supporting Ukraine.  They are naturally concerned and interested and it is important they have opportunities like this.

“It is also important that children and young people get to come to Westminster to see the place in action. As a teacher myself, raising the next generation of political leaders is very important to me. This sort of engagement can make a lasting impression and inspire young people to get involved.

“I hope everyone had a fun and informative time and I congratulate the school for its sterling work on democracy. It inspires its pupils to take up positions on the school council and brilliantly support them with their ideas to develop the school community. I saw it in action on my last visit to Motcombe.”

Tracy Robinson said: “What a wonderful experience for our infant children and one that they will never forget, they loved every minute of the day.

“They were so interested in finding out as much as they could about parliament and the history of the building so asked our tour guide lots of questions!

“Meeting Caroline was a real treat for the children; they know her well and were so delighted that she made time to meet them.”

Caroline added that if any school wants to visit, they should contact her at: caroline.ansell.mp@parliament.uk