BIKERS are joining in with a rally today to remember a father who died in a motorbike collision.

Simon Paul Cheese, 55, was involved in a crash a year ago in Wiltshire where he unfortunately died at the scene.

Sunday marks the first anniversary of his death and a group of local motorcyclists are Hailsham to pass the home of his 15 year-old son, Kien, in Hurst Green, who has special needs and is struggling to come to terms with his fathers death.

Kien’s nother, Sarah Anderson, posted on social media; “As a tribute to Simon and to get my son through the day, I was wondering if any of you (the more the better) could find it in your hearts to ride pass our house at a time that would suit you all. I know it would be spectacular if there was a large group and it would help make a heart breaking day easier.”

Lewis Isted who is organising a group from Hailsham, said: “I am overwhelmed that Sarah has contacted East Sussex Bikers, for us to do what we can to make the family’s day easier we are more than happy to help. The tragic loss that the family have had to experience is moving”

The convoy will be meeting on Sunday 20th September at 14:00 at Boship Services and will be leaving at 14:30.