All 68 care homes in Eastbourne and Willingdon have been contacted about covid booster jabs for residents with the vast majority already given, research by MP Caroline Ansell has discovered.

Caroline and her team called the homes before Christmas and the 68 had received a letter asking whether they had a booster.

Of those 45 have already had the booster administered without any problem with the others in the process of doing so.

“It was clear from the ring around that our homes were very happy with how the booster programme had gone or was going with good contact with their GPs and the NHS,” said Caroline.

“It is vitally important these most vulnerable in our population receive the booster and I am pleased this research shows that the NHS covering Eastbourne and Willingdon has done a good job.

“My thanks go to all the care homes, the NHS staff, GPs and volunteers for the brilliant work they have done to achieve this outcome.

“Phoning the homes brought up a few issues with people not getting the jab that I hope have now been resolved. However, if there are any outstanding issues I can help with, please get in touch.”