THE MP for some of our local villages is demanding ‘urgent steps’ to make it easier for family and friends to visit loved ones in care homes.

Huw Merriman covers areas such as Pevensey, Pevensey Bay and Westham in his Bexhill and Battle patch.

He is featured on page 2 of the Daily Mail today.

He said: “Some of these measures read to me as more akin to a prison visit than a care home visit.

“They are also costly; in a system which is already financially constrained. These measures could be avoided with the introduction of testing for designated family and friends.

“I would like the Government to consider the following measures: Regular testing for at least one designated family members and all health professionals visiting;

The vaccine (when ready) to be prioritised for care home residents and be given to the designated family member and care setting staff when given to the resident;

Recognition that, with testing and PPE, safe and closer contacted be permitted and that we learn from the devastating impact of the first lockdown;

Additional funding to support care providers to create Covid-19-secure environments to enable wider family members to visit;

National and local monitoring and reporting process for any blanket decisions to ban visits;

An acceptance that virtual technology cannot replace human in-person interaction and providers at a local level to actively promote safe visits.”