EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell says the petrol shortage is ‘starting to ease’ in Eastbourne.

She said this morning: “It appears the situation across Eastbourne’s filing stations is starting to ease with fuel supplies now becoming more available. With community nurses, school run drivers and so many more dependent on everyday fuel, it couldn’t be soon enough.       

It is a real shame panic buying set in when there was never any shortage of petrol or diesel at the refineries and enough tanker drivers to deliver it to forecourts in the vast majority of cases.  The national media painted such a misleading picture of the situation it was no wonder people reacted and fuel shortage quickly became a self-fulfilling prophesy.   

The issue of a shortage of HGV drivers is an ongoing, long standing problem and one that is affecting many countries in Europe and the US.  The industry needs to respond and it appears pay has risen significantly and that’s a good start; better roadside facilities also need to come online. HGV drivers are vital, they did an amazing job keeping us supplied during lockdown and they need to be treated better if more people are to consider going into the industry or return to it. Just 1% of drivers are women. There’s potential there too.”