Sally-Ann Hart, the MP for Hastings and Rye, says it is time for action on the HS1 between Ashford and Eastbourne.

The Tory MP has raised the issue in Parliament.

She says: “When it comes to the project to extend the HS1 rail line from Ashford International to Hastings and on to Eastbourne, the time for talk and warm words has to come to an end – the time for action is now!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to ask a Minister from the Treasury what firm commitments can be made to unlock the funding for this project and finally get spades in the ground after years of talk.

I was encouraged that Network Rail are submitting final plans this April to be looked at and decided upon by the Department for Transport, but I am not satisfied that firm commitments are being made yet.

I will continue to push for this project to get going because I believe getting from London to Hastings in an hour by train will be a game changer for our area – turbo-charging our economy, supporting the tourism sector, and seeing more high-skilled, high-paying businesses investment in our towns.”