EASTBOURNE Pier is to remain closed for the time being.

Owner Sheikh Abid Gulzar says it is too early to reopen it after lockdown.

While closed, four new commercial units are being built on the site.

A spokesman for Eastbourne Pier said: “In the absence of clear and firm guidance from central or local government, we feel it is in the best interests to keep the pier closed for the time being.

Rest assured; we are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and we would like to open the pier as soon as possible.

If this was purely a financial issue, then of course we would have opened earlier to make the most of the financial boost from the summer months,

We would need to ensure that all health issues are addressed so that social distancing would need to be adhered to at all times.

We are not yet fully confident that this, and other precautions, could be effective 100 per cent.

We would not want to open the pier and then face the possibility of having to close it again soon after.

The market on the seafront is a clear example of where social distancing measures are not being adopted, neither, from we can see, are there sufficient sanitiser measures and wearing of masks in place.

Once we feel it would be safe to open, we will need to make sure all our staff are properly trained, and again that will take time.”