AN Eastbourne mum is ‘absolutely heartbroken’ after a suitcase with ‘everything I own’ was stolen.

Chelsea Louise says it was stolen from Cavendish Place.

She said: “If anyone in EastBourne in Cavendish Place at the Savoy Hotel area saw anyone with this suitcase please can you let me know where you saw them so I can go back to the area and find some CCTV.

“It was a brand new £60 suitcase with EVERYTHING I own I am absolutely heartbroken this is something else.

I have things I’ll never be able to replace in there.

I was placed in emergency accomodation there with my 13 year old brother and disabled dad.

“I was helping my dad get into the property as he can’t walk 2 minutes and someone stole it

“Please help me. This was about 7:40pm Friday evening,”