A MUM has told of how a group of 10 yobs attacked two boys in Hailsham on Friday evening.

It does not make pleasant reading:

“So tonight ended not as expected for one of our boys and his best friend, both jumped and beaten up by a group of young youths, around 10 of them.

This happened around 11.45pm at the top of George Street (fri 22nd while walking a female work colleague home).

They are both currently seeking medical treatment at hospital but at this stage I don’t want to mention names but we know who they all are and the police will be dealing with them. This is not the first time one of our children have been attacked in the town.

I’m sick to the stomach and upset that this is happening in our town and that our children can’t walk around after work and feel safe, it’s the same ones time and time again and as a local business owner I am not prepared to let my younger children have to live in this environment.

This has to stop before too many young ones get mentally and physically scarred by a minority of other youths who don’t care for anyone but their reputation and have to follow the crowd, and be horrible to others. Enough is enough why don’t parents know what their children are up too?????”