A FURIOUS mum says her daughter and friend were attacked by a gang in Hailsham.

It happened on Saturday evening at Hailsham Common Pond and footage has emerged on social media.

Beverly Kenward said: “A group of them jumped them from behind, each of them having three on to one on the first attack.

“For the second attack there was the whole gang, around 15 who got involved.

“They took kicks, punches and more.

“They jumped from behind initially then the blows came flying from all over as the gang of around 15 took part in the unprovoked cowardly attack on the girls.

“COWARDS attacking in a group.

“The girls didn’t stand a chance as the whole group attacked them.

“The footage is very disturbing, and as a mother it was extremely hard to watch!

“Like I say cowards, if it was one on one they might of had a chance to defend themselves but as it was they are all cowards and attacked in a Group!!

“Luckily there was no major injuries, considering the whole gang attacked them.”

The mum has the camera footage and wants to track down who did this.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said: “Police are investigating a report that two 16-year-old girls had been assaulted by a group of teenagers in Hailsham Common Pond about 9pm on Saturday (24 October).

“The victims suffered minor injuries.

“Officers are appealing to anyone who witnessed what happened to report online or call 101, quoting 1419 of 24/10.”