Music tannoys in Eastbourne Town Centre show ‘lack of care to residents,’ says one angry family.

Here’s one Facebook post: “Any legal buff’s able to give me advise on how to get the music tanoys in town removed?

We live in a flat above shops and accept a certain level of noise for being in a flat in town.

But we’ve had a tannoy installed outside our living room window without planning, permission or notice and this seems against our rights as residents. is who have decided to put these speakers up, again without concent to local residents.

The lack of care to residents calling to plead with them to turn them off due to mental health and working at home conditions was appalling.

And at 9pm as I write this it is still blaring outside our window! All the shops have been closed for 3hours!

So the fact that the music and adds on seems very very excessive and unnessesary!! To what purpose does this serve. Christmas isnt a particularly great time for many people including myself, to have Christmas music rammed into our ears is damaging and has brought my mental health even lower than usual. I keep my mental health to myself and have done for years but I can’t be the only person being affected by this invasion.”