The pandemic has hit young people’s work and career prospects particularly hard. For Alex Wickens, 22, the best response was to start a business designed to tackle a practical problem that has emerged in the era of Covid.

It is something many of us will have experienced for the first time, thanks to the pandemic.

You put your face mask on to enter a shop and your glasses start fogging up. All of a sudden you can’t see the products on the shelf and you’re losing your bearings.

Alex, from Sussex, noticed this problem working shifts at his local supermarket. He would struggle to read the package labels sometimes, when he was stacking shelves.

He hadn’t planned to be working in a supermarket, but the pandemic had thrown all his career plans into the air, just when he thought he had his life sorted.

He had taken a year off after sixth-form college to figure out exactly what he wanted to do with his life – and realised he wanted to be a commercial pilot.

After a great deal of preparation and effort, he managed to gain a place at a flight training school.

But by spring last year it was clear that the pandemic was here to stay for a while. The aviation sector was very badly affected and all of a sudden it didn’t seem a sensible career option. Alex was not willing to risk the huge fees involved, which he would have to borrow.

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