A grant of £7200 has been awarded to our First Responders to fund the recruitment of 4 new volunteers and to provide the essential uniforms and kit such as defibrillators.  The need for our First Responders is reflected in the statistics from 2021 when their services were called upon 640 times with 201 being Category 1 and 425 Category 2 and 14 Category 3.

A Category 1 call means there is an imminent danger to life such as Cardiac Arrest. Ambulances are now expected to reach people with life-threatening illnesses or injuries in an average time of seven minutes.  During the last 12 months the Community First Responders have arrived first on scene 90% of the time and this is when every second counts.

If you would like to join our award winning team please find out more at

apply:  https://www.jobs.nhs.uk/xi/direct_apply/?vac_ref=916953674