THERE are plans for a new 20mph speed limit along Polegate High Street.

East Sussex Highways, in partnership with East Sussex County Council, is proposing to improve pedestrian and bus stop facilities and introduce a 20mph speed limit along Polegate High Street.

This will be between the A2270 Junction (Wannock Rd, Eastbourne Rd and A2270) to the B2247 (Station Road/Hailsham Road) junction in Polegate. 

The main objective of the scheme is to make the High Street safer for all users to access, as well as more attractive to visit. 

In order to achieve the scheme’s objectives there will be other improvement work: tactile paving and dropped kerbs will be introduced at all existing junctions along Polegate High Street that do not currently have them; localised areas of footway will be resurfaced; and improvements will be made to the bus stops outside of the Polegate Rail Station and in front of the Downland Medical Centre. 

These changes will improve the experience for pedestrians, particularly those that require dropped kerbs (such as those with mobility or sight impairments, pedestrians with prams/buggies/trolleys etc.), as well as bus drivers and public transport users.

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