A Cabinet councillor has welcomed the launch of a new car sharing service in Eastbourne.

Co Wheels Car Club is a community car hire scheme that promotes itself as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional car ownership. Operating from Hyde Gardens, it offers car hire by the hour or by the day, allowing drivers to access a car without the need to own one.

Councillor Jim Murray, Cabinet Member for Climate Change, said: “I am delighted Co Wheels Car Club has come to Eastbourne – car sharing is a great way of reducing carbon emissions and helping us to realise our 2030 net zero ambition for the town. It brings the opportunity to reduce car ownership and improve air quality.”

Co Wheels, which was founded in 2008, has more than 600 vehicles nationwide and its Eastbourne fleet includes a zero-emission electric MG4 and a fuel-efficient petrol MG3.

Richard Falconer, Head of Locations and Business Development at Co Wheels, said: “By offering a choice of a fuel-efficient and a fully-electric vehicle, we are proud to be meeting the needs of the community by offering a convenient and sustainable alternative to traditional car ownership.

“Car share clubs such as Co Wheels reduce the number of vehicles on the road, contributing to lower carbon emissions and greener, safer cities. The majority of vehicles in the UK spend over 97% of the time unused. Car mobility services are perfect for those who do not need regular access to a vehicle or who only need a second vehicle on occasion.”

For more details about Co Wheels and how it operates, visit www.co-wheels.org.uk/eastbourne

Image of Cllr Murray (right) with Jill Shacklock, Director at Eastbourne Eco Action Network