Refused plans for a drive through coffee shop and bakery in Eastbourne have been given the green light at appeal. 

A planning inspector has approved plans to build a pair of drive throughs (once set to be leased by Greggs and Starbucks) within the car park of the Tesco Extra in Lottbridge Drove.  

While recommended for approval by officers, Eastbourne Borough Council’s planning committee had refused the development back in 2021, after raising concerns about both noise disturbance and highways safety.

Neither of these concerns were shared by the planning inspector, who pointed to the lack of objections from either East Sussex Highways or the council’s own environmental protection team. 

In light of this, the inspector opted to overturn the council’s decision and grant planning permission.

Moreover, the inspector has ordered Eastbourne Borough Council to pay the developer’s costs in light of ‘unreasonable behaviour’. This was partly because the council had failed to provide appeal documents by an agreed deadline, but also because the application “should have clearly been permitted.”

For further details of the proposals see application reference 210772 on the Eastbourne Borough Council website.