A NEW row has erupted over a new hospital for Eastbourne.

Tory MP Caroline Ansell insists the money is there and we are getting a new hospital.

But In response to a Freedom of Information request by the Liberal Democrats, the local NHS trust revealed:

·  The new hospital promised to Eastbourne hasn’t received any funding from the Government yet

·  The NHS Trust doesn’t even know how much the Government will allocate them

·  The Trust does not know what the hospital will consist of as it doesn’t know the budget

·  The Trust still doesn’t have planning permission and can’t apply until the Government unlocks funding 

The Liberal Democrats revealed last year just a quarter of the promised 40 new hospitals have planning permission. They are all due to be delivered by 2030

Josh Babarinde, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Spokesman has today written to Conservative Health Secretary Steve Barclay, urging the Government to immediately unlock the funding promised for Eastbourne’s brand new hospital.

Josh Babarinde said:

“After years of local Conservative MPs dodging questions from residents about the brand new hospital we were promised in Eastbourne, the truth is finally out: as yet, the Government has failed to give the Trust the cash it needs to make it happen.”

“Having been born in the DGH myself, it is especially disappointing to be taken for granted like this. 


Our town needs and deserves a brand new hospital without delay.


This would put us in the best position possible to campaign for a return of key services, like consultant-led maternity, we’ve lost over the years”