BOSSES at Perch Princes Park say it is something they have never done before.

However, the effects of Covid 19 mean they have little choice.

The outlet has only just opened, set in Princes Park along Eastbourne seafront.

A spokesman said: “As a cafe, we’ve done the odd pop-up but not a full programme of evenings in the winter.

“We’ve also never ventured into discounting.

“It’s because of our team; so here’s why we’ve done it.

“Social distancing has changed our business; we are down to around to 40 per cent of the covers we had this time last year.

“Fewer covers, fewer staff on shift at any one time, both in front of house and our kitchen.

“Hopefully, you realise we are mad about our team; we have the pleasure of working with some ace people.

“So we need to put more services on to keep our team size the same.”

Perch also has a cafe in Lancing.

The spokesman said: “We are looking at doing a different service – adapt and overcome.

“We aren’t really known for being open in the winter in the evening. But we’ve seen the success of the eat out scheme.

“Whilst we couldn’t afford to do this all the time; we have a good chance here to do something to keep going through the winter.

“This is an idea that’s come about rather quickly – hence why we didn’t release a menu when we announced our intentions.

“We’ve had to work hard to make sure we can pull this off, whilst the purpose isn’t to make a profit, we also can’t make a loss either.

“We want to maintain the high-quality ingredients we use in our dishes and cover our costs.

“That’s it.With an offer like this; for us, it needs to be easy to understand, quick to articulate and worthwhile having hence why we decided to try and keep the standards of the government scheme (50% off capped at £10) but move the times to Friday and Saturday night.

“So come on down and give it a try.”