ONE of Eastbourne’s newest restaurants says it’s facing a ‘grim situation.’

And it says the impact on its staff’s mental health is ‘extraordinary.’

Perches Princes Park only opened this year and is proving very popular.

Now Lockdown looms again from Thursday.

Bosses say: “So it seems we are looking at another grim situation.

“It looks like the pressure is on, again, it’s impossible to plan, we’ve been fighting and fighting; sprinting to stand still.

“In the last two weeks, we rejigged our Christmas offer for the fourth or fifth time.

“A tremendous amount of time and energy goes into creating menus and offers.

“Reassured by the continual proclamation of a regional approach to lockdown and around us seems to be performing well in the covid stats.

“Obviously, we all find everything else in the goodness of time. But the planning and replanning, the constant changes, the anxiety.

“This isn’t healthy, the price that our team is paying in terms of mental health is extraordinary.

“We want to be viable on our own, we don’t want to have to accept another handout.

“We want the products we sell and the service that we deliver to be enjoyed so that we can pay our staff, develop the business and go back to loving what we do.

“It’s all out of our hands.”