Eastbourne and Willingdon MP Caroline Ansell has joined the Education Select Committee that scrutinises the work of the Department for Education.

Former teacher Caroline recently went back to the classroom in Eastbourne Schools on Fridays to help out with Covid teacher shortages.

She said today she would use that experience and her long career in the classroom in the new role.

“I am proud to be given this opportunity to sit on one of the most influential select committees in parliament looking at how the Government is educating our children and all the challenges we face to recover from the pandemic in schools, colleges and social care settings,” Caroline said.

“It is an important backbench role and one I hope I can bring a great deal of experience to. I look forward to meeting my fellow committee members soon.”

The committee scrutinises the work of the Department for Education, (DfE) covering children’s social care, schools, colleges, the early years and higher education.

It also holds regular hearings with DfE’s arms-length bodies, including Ofsted, Ofqual and the Children’s Commissioner.

Currently chaired by Robert Halfon, it is presently undertaking seven inquiries including on children’s homes, prison education and the Government’s catch-up programme.