BEING Human 2 exhibition explores the complexities of the human experience and the world we inhabit.

For this exhibition, artists have eloquently captured the essence of change, loss, growth, and the daily struggles we all face.

Through their works, they invite you to explore and reflect on the layers of our humanity that make life worth living. Join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate the rich beauty of living in our shared world.

Except for two, all the other artists are local Eastbourne/Pevensey Bay artists.

Emily Tull Based in Kent, Emily has been exhibiting in solo and group shows since 1998 and was a contestant on Sky Art’s Portrait Artist Of The Year in 2014. “I am obsessed with faces. They show a person’s life, and can look different on a daily basis, a perfect canvas to convey different sides of your character. But more than this my fascination is with the colouration and fragility of skin and within my portraits I strive to bring these issues across.

“I am striving to close the gap to what is deemed ‘craft’ and what is ‘art’, as part of that co-founding S.E.W – Society For Embroidered Work, supporting and promoting artists who have a stitched element to their artwork.”

Christine Racher

Originally from Sidcup, Christine moved to Pevensey when she retired from the NHS.

“I developed an early interest in photography. My father would take me out on Sundays, often to local parks, where we would both take photos with our Yashica camera.

“I never had the opportunity to have art lessons but my creative side did manage to come out in needlework classes.”

In 2012 she moved to East Sussex. On reading the local Parish Pump magazine there were a couple of Art Groups listed, and I was able to join the Westham Art Group immediately in the August of that year. Christine belongs to the Pevensey Bay Art Group, as well as being a member of the Society of Eastbourne Artists, and exhibits at their exhibitions.

Pennie Cunliffe-Lister

Pennie is the owner of the recently opened Gallery@42.

Having worked as a professional artist and illustrator for most of her working life, she returned university at 62 to study History of Art and Screen Media at Birkbeck, University of London. Her studies brought about a dramatic sea change in her approach to work. Inspired by both The Post Impressionists such as Van Gogh with his vibrant pulsating use of colour and the American

Expressonists with their fluidity of application of paint on canvas. “I prefer the freedom of the palette knife to the more traditional paint brush. I have always been attracted by the dramatic effects n the change of the seasons and in particular woods, forests, and the starkness of the trees especially silver birches against a winter skyline and the sea. Amongst my work you will find coastal landscapes, Caribbean seascapes, the waterways of England, forests, and woodlands in seasonal change. I also love capturing people enjoying life.” The exhibition runs from 9th to 19th November 2023.

Open Thursday to Sunday, 12–6pm.

42 South Street

Eastbourne BN21 4XB