South Downs Healthcare (SDHC) is a GP federation located at Hampden Park Health Centre, which was established in 2016 to provide services to support GP practices in East Sussex.

As a social enterprise, SDHC’s ethos centres around providing the community with accessible, sustainable, and person-centred healthcare.

They provide a range of services on behalf of local GP Practices, including out of hours GP services in the evenings and on Saturdays, Covid Vaccination Services and weekend GP support to residents of care homes.

Recently, SDHC has responded to the growing demand for independent healthcare provision by establishing a private GP service at Hampden Park Health Centre, which aims to work in partnership with peoples’ own GP practices. This initiative caters to individuals seeking private GP appointments that are convenient and easily accessible, providing a tailored service which allows sufficient time at appointments to talk to highly experience private GPs.

Patients seeking private GP services value the dedicated time, thorough consultations, and personalised care they receive, considering it a worthwhile investment in their health. As a social enterprise, SDHC reinvests revenue generated from the private GP service into provision of services which support local General Practices.

SDHC have recently announced a partnership with Wave Active and Eastbourne Borough Council. This collaboration, supported by the University of Brighton, aims to preserve the Eastbourne campus leisure facilities for the benefit of the local community.

Dr Nick Harvey, CEO of South Downs Health and Care Ltd, said: “South Downs Health and Care (SDHC) is delighted to be taking on Hillbrow Sports Centre in partnership with Wave Active.

Together we have a vision of enabling the best possible health and wellbeing in our community. SDHC is a local social enterprise, providing NHS and private community healthcare services. Through this partnership, we will integrate our healthcare operations and expertise with a healthy living, activity focused, leisure and sports centre environment to create a Health and Wellbeing Hub”.

As SDHC embarks on this new chapter with Wave Active and Eastbourne Borough Council, the future looks promising for the residents of East Sussex. The Health and Wellbeing Hub is set to become a cornerstone of the community, creating an environment where health care and healthy living brings benefit to the community to enhance the quality of life for all.