A new Community Risk Register has been launched to inform people on the possible emergencies that could affect Sussex and how to be prepared for them.

The Community Risk Register for Sussex (CRR) provides an assessment of how likely these risks are to happen and the impacts if they do, so that local people can be better prepared in their homes, communities, and businesses.

The CRR has been published by the Sussex Resilience Forum (SRF), a partnership, made up of all the organisations needed to prepare for and respond to any major emergency within East and West Sussex and Brighton & Hove. The SRF brings members together to identify potential risks and produce emergency plans to either prevent or reduce the impact of any incident on local communities. It provides a formal structure for coordinating and testing emergency plans and procedures so that member organisations can work together effectively to protect the people of Sussex.

Membership of the SRF covers the Sussex Police force area and includes the emergency services, local authorities, Environment Agency, health agencies, along with voluntary and private sector organisations such as utility companies.

Commenting on the release of the CRR, SRF Chair ACC Simon Dobinson said: “The CRR is the first step in the emergency planning process – it ensures planned responses are proportionate to the risk, and that our communities can be prepared. As we head into winter, for example, the likelihood of emergencies caused by adverse weather and the related impacts increases. All organisations within the SRF work together to ensure that the best possible preparations and plans are in place for responding to these types of emergencies. These plans are regularly tested by our members to ensure they are effective to save lives, prevent the emergency getting worse, and restore normality as soon as possible.”

For further information about the CRR and practical guidance on how to get ‘Emergency Ready’ visit: Preparing for an emergency – Sussex Resilience Forum | Sussex Police