TODAY Sussex Police is introducing its new roads policing update available on the force website.

The update is part of Sussex Police’s ongoing commitment to tackle road safety problems affecting local communities and reduce casualties on the county’s roads making them safer for all road users.

We’re inviting you to read our new update – published every four weeks – which features an advice section, captures a snapshot of local activity and explains how you can engage with us.

Chief Superintendent Jane Derrick, of Operations Command, said: “Last year 39 people lost their lives in Sussex due to a collision. That’s 39 too many and the heart breaking impact is far reaching for family and friends.

“We’re focusing on making the roads safer for all road users by concentrating on evidence as to where offences are happening to effectively target our activity; engineering out a problem working with partners and using technology to solve an issue; engagement with our communities and being a visible presence on the roads; education where appropriate and applicable and enforcement.

“To make our roads safer the Roads Policing Unit is working with divisional officers and staff, the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, Community Speed Watch and partner agencies. Through working collectively we can bring about a change. 

“The four weekly update provides communities with a snapshot of the collective activity that we’ve undertaken across Sussex. This includes vehicles stopped for speeding, people driving without insurance, and penalty notices for those not wearing seat belts.

“I know you care about where you live and you may want to know more detail about what we’ve accomplished nearer to you. For that, I would encourage you to sign up for free to the force’s messaging provider In the Know.

“Each week the local districts will include roads activity in their weekly messages. Also, you can follow your local district Facebook and/Twitter accounts.

“We can’t be everywhere all of the time but know that we could ‘appear’ in your neighbourhood, at any time.

“We all have a responsibility in keeping ourselves and others on the road safe, so I ask you to play your part.”

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