A new row has erupted between Frys American BBQ and Langney Shopping Centre.

Frys moved into the centre recently but shut after just a few weeks.

The anger hasn’t gone away though.

This is the weekend online post from Frys:

“Langney Shopping Centre are preventing my team from entering the unit to remove the shop fit, walls benches, bar etc , because they are letting the unit to my ex-manager so he needs the fit.

He has had the opportunity to pay for the pictures and fittings but offered a stupidly low offer which was refused.

He is now working with the centre management so he can have a dirt-cheap business.

I feel they have been working together since before my company closed.so the centre is stopping me so they can let it with a full shop fit, basically, they have stolen Frys BBQ Ltd Shop fit.

Legal advice is being sought.this is all down to the manager Neil Avis who thinks he can do whatever he wants and get away with it.

Neil allow access, email chris.fry@frysbbq.com or the fit will be taken by force. you have already put 12 people out of work, is that not enough?if anyone wants to talk to Neil go down the stairs to the toilets through the door at the bottom and the first door on the left is the management office.-

Chris Fry”

We are of course happy to print a response from Neil.