EASTBOURNE Borough Council and Lewes District Council have launched a new website to promote local manufacturers.

Thew website – www.makelocal.info – showcases manufacturers across different sectors including food and beverage, plastics, chemical and pharmaceutical. Manufacturing is well represented across Eastbourne and Lewes District with a higher percentage of commercial space dedicated to industrial use when compared to the national average.

Manufacturers can sign up for a free listing on the website that will be promoted through a targeted social media campaign over the coming weeks.

Councillor David Tutt, Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, said: “It is fantastic to see this new website up and running and I do urge businesses to see if they can find a manufacturer that’s local to them.

“There has never been a better time to support local businesses and it is important that we celebrate and support those that are boosting our economy.”

Manufacturing is the third largest sector in the UK economy and employs 2.7 million people. The councils’ website is a comprehensive directory and builds on other initiatives such as www.eatlocal.info to help local residents find nearby food and provisions and www.shopslocal.info to promote the wide array of local independent shops in the area.

Councillor James MacCleary, Leader of Lewes District Council, said: “The manufacturing sector is diverse across the Lewes District and there are some truly innovative companies doing fantastic things. For instance, Newhaven is home to the makers of one of the darkest substances known as well as businesses in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

“This new website aims to help businesses find local manufacturers and I look forward to seeing the manufacturers in our area continue to grow and succeed.”

For more information please visit makelocal.info. Businesses that would like to be featured should fill out a short form on the website.