A nine-month-old baby girl was hit on the nose by a cricket ball at a recreation ground on Saturday afternoon.

Mum Lucy Jury is now warning everyone – be careful at Hailsham Rec while cricket is being played.

She said: “Myself, mum and my little girl was sitting by the swings and their very hard ball came flying over and smacked onto my shin, bounced off and then hit my 9 month old baby girl on the nose!!

I was not happy – I had to shout at the cricket team for an apology.

I will not be taking my little girl into the park while cricket is on if they don’t put up tall enough fences to stop the ball from hitting children/ adults.

Thankfully my little girl’s nose is only swollen and red but I can hardly walk!

These balls are ridiculously hard and I am very lucky it hit me first and not my little girl otherwise it would have knocked her out!

I will be taking this further to stop it from happening to others!

But please be careful in the park, I would hate for this to happen to a child!”