DEBATE continues over the bid by Rother District Council to ban vehicles on Normans Bay beach.

This was our story from earlier in the week 20 vehicles in ‘unauthorised encampment’ at Normans Bay – now vehicle ban planned – Bournefree Live – Latest news from Eastbourne, Polegate, Hailsham, Pevensey, Bexhill and Sussex.

Here is resident Dave Clarke: “It should never have come to this but I can understand why as it was like a campsite last summer.”

And Sylvia Foley posted: “This has been going on for far too long. The area was looking disgusting. About time something was done about it.”

At the council meeting on Monday, Cabinet member Terry Byrne (Rother Ind) said: “This is a classic case of a few spoiling it for the many.

“It is a wonderful amenity and, as Cllr Field has said, it is a shame that we had to go as far as regulation, but to use that dreadful phrase ‘we are where we are’ … I hope eventually we will be able to come to some sort of arrangement to give both access and safety to people wishing to use the amenity.”