THERE will be NO more Punch and Judy on Eastbourne Seafront.

Ray Sparks has quit – and he is furious with Eastbourne Borough Council: “Very sad to report there will be NO more Punch and Judy on the seafront from this year.

We received confirmation from the council via email that they will could longer cover the cost.

They did however state that if we were to carry on this year there would be no pitch fee but as of next year there could be.

We reluctantly declined as the shows were in fact a day out for people to bring their children, grandchildren and in some cases great grandchildren to what is basically a free day out with picnics in a time when childcare is an expensive thing while they are on holiday.

We are not in a position to cover our own expenses and would certainly not expect the general public to. We could not afford put on a show for free and certainly we won’t be in a position cover a pitch fee and basically busk for money.

Punch and Judy has been on Eastbourne Seafront since the early 1900 with Uncle Bertie , followed by Ray Elgar, and finally Jaquie and myself for the past 34 years and so it’s the end of an era.

I would like to say a very big thank you to all the people who have supported us and the many friends we have made.”