More and more of us are welcoming the opportunity to participate in outdoor events again. If you are a proud garden owner and looking to show off your hard work this summer, then why not consider opening your garden for a few hours one summer’s afternoon or evening for local charity – the Quicken Trust?

“By opening your garden and offering a few refreshments and homemade cakes to visitors you could help us raise thousands of pounds and help transform the lives of the children and families of Kabubbu, Uganda – one of the poorest corners of the world”, says the charity’s CEO, Paul Pirie.

COVID 19 hit Kabubbu and Quicken Trust severely over the past two years. In any ‘normal’ year many thousands of pounds would be raised through specific fundraising events and visits to Uganda that the Quicken Trust would organise for local senior school children and community groups. However, in the past 2 years COVID shut these down along with the income! Without the additional activities, the Quicken Trust have been even more reliant on continued regular supporters and on the special seasonal campaigns such as Christmas and Easter.

Paul says, “Quicken Trust’s Open Gardens is an invitation for garden owners in the region to show off their hard work in aid of a small charity that is making a big impact and an initiative to reach out to new supporters. Many of us toil for months in our garden just for a few family members and friends to enjoy. What a wonderful opportunity to “exhibit” your prize blooms and share your labours with your local community and garden enthusiasts whilst also raising money for a local charity that is supporting some of the poorest children and families in the world”. He adds, “Just opening for 2-3 hours could transform a child’s life forever in Kabubbu, Uganda”.

Quicken Trust would love to hear from readers who would be willing to open their gardens in support of Quicken Trust’s  Open Gardens scheme. Please email