DID Boris really have a choice last night?

Looking at the medical evidence shown to the nation on TV, the answer has to be no.

Yes, he could have ordered the Lockdown earlier, as indeed Labour have been arguing for.

But he was desperately trying to resist that, and for very good reasons.

From Thursday we will lock down again.

It’s initially for four weeks, but yes it could be longer.

Schools, colleges and universities remain open, and we must welcome that.

Our young people deserve their education to continue regardless.

As for business, yes they will be battered again and that is tragic. Our economy is in for a terrible time.

The priority has to be that our NHS is protected at all times so lives can be saved.

And at the end of the day, that is why Boris made his call last night. To protect the NHS.

Let’s hope people obey the rules for the next four weeks. Some won’t, some never have, but let’s hope they are in the minority.

We must stick with Boris and trust the science. Spring is still a long way off……….