HERE is an Opinion piece from lifelong Eastbourne resident Josie Barlow:

“No local residents asked for, voted for or even expressed the slightest interest in Black Robin Farm – another council vanity project.


TJ Hughes, Debenhams and the Curzon lie derelict,

the town centre and seafront is awash with homeless drug addicts and alcoholics who put residents and tourists off from visiting,

the bandstand is dilapidated,

Motcombe swimming pool remains closed,

public toilets are falling apart,

playgrounds are tired,

potholes on every road,

a severe lack of bins across the town and those that we have overflow,

the redoubt fortress is crumbling,

cavendish sports centre has been closed to the public,

the old town rec changing rooms decay

and the seaside road area needs hundreds of millions of investment as its run down and frightening after dark.

But our councillors have opted to spend millions on an out of town visitor centre!”

Josie Barlow, lifelong Eastbourne resident.