OPINION – Eastbourne resident Phil Hall

The only inaccuracy in the Sun report is that it’s a gross understatement.

Eastbourne has a huge number of positives, the beach, the south downs, a shiny new (partial) shopping centre, great theatres etc all the stuff that local politicians and media seem to concentrate on for PR purposes but the harsh reality is you would have to be blind not to see the huge problems the town has. There are huge numbers of alcoholics and drug addicts causing chaos across the town.

Drug dealing in the town centre in the middle of the day time takes place. crack addicts on the sea front shouting, swearing and fighting – not very welcoming for tourists.

Homeless people have taken over several beach shelters, others are camping on the western lawns, and I’ve seen similar tents pop up in gildredge and Motcombe parks – when I reported this, the council simply stated, we are aware and have spoken to them – effectively zero action.

Seaside road is an absolute dump in need of serious regeneration. On top of which this council has been on a spree of closing facilities for locals as well as tourists eg Motcombe swimming pool, the redoubt fortress, Cavendish sports centre, fort fun, the bandstand (temporarily reopened but looking unsightly and in desperate need of multi-million pound repairs) etc etc etc.

As one councillor privately said to me, “Eastbourne is on a knife edge, it could go either way – a great holiday destination and somewhere people enjoy living or it could easily become a shit hole like Great Yarmouth or Hastings”. If anyone takes issue with the Sun report, they need to step outside their front door and take a proper look. (Edited)