OPINION By Carol Mills

Many Palestinian constituents and the friends of Palestinian constituents were gravely disappointed that Eastbourne Borough Councillors failed to represent them by NOT holding an emergency motion at the Full Council meeting on Nov 15th. 

Constituents were failed by Eastbourne Borough Councillors’ (mis)interpretation of the constitution. OF COURSE it is “constituency business”. Are the many Palestinians living in Eastbourne not your constituents? And are the many friends of Palestine effected by the massacre in Gaza not your constituents? Or. Do you consider them all to be aliens? 

Palestinian constituents are grieving the loss of family members. One of your Palestinian constituents from Gaza has lost 40 family members. Imagine it? 

When councillors had a one minute’s silence instead of an Emergency Motion, did you not consider constituents like him? 40 family members slaughtered. No. 

Councillors are now being IMPLORED to call an emergency Special Meeting for the expressed purpose of an Emergency Ceasefire Motion. Waiting 3 months until February for the next Full Council meeting is simply unacceptable. Gravely unacceptable and a further failure.

Why has Eastbourne Borough Council been painfully slow in its response to Gaza. Why were they so quick to, correctly, stand with Ukrainians constituents; yet are sluggisly slow to stand with Palestinian constituents? Why are they dragging their heels on Gaza? Do Palestinian lives matter less? This isn’t about gathering brownie points. It is LIVES LOST. 

I can’t remember one Councillor attending the Vigil for the Children of Gaza that we held on Nov 4th, (I hope I am mistaken). Our one minute’s silence was in the driving rain, not in the warmth of the Council Chamber on Nov 15th. Why weren’t you standing beside your Palestinian constituents in the rain?

Carol Mills

Eastbourne Solidarity