By Anne-Marie Bradley

Eastbourne Stand Up to Racism

The Illegal Migration Bill which has been rushed through the House of Commons and
the Lords is a cruel and inhumane piece of legislation.

From now on noone arriving in the UK via the English Channel will be able to claim asylum.

They will be deported either to their country of origin, from which they have already fled, or to a ‘third country’.
Caroline Ansell MP in last week’s Herald argues that the Bill’s purpose is to ‘stop the

It will not achieve this but will simply cause more suffering to already traumatised
people. Nobody gets into a small boat, seriously risking their life unless they are truly desperate.
The way to address this problem is to open up safe routes.

The UK has a long history of welcoming people fleeing persecution.

We are not being’invaded’ as Suella Braverman has claimed. In fact the UK takes fewer asylum seekers than other European countries.
The NHS and many of our public services were built on migrant labour and we have a
rich and diverse society because of immigration.
Caroline Ansell says that a cap will be placed on the number of refugees we as a
country are able to take on a yearly basis and that Sussex is struggling to cope with
demands on public services such as housing, health, education and social services.
The government could address this by properly funding our local services instead of
scapegoating migrants.
Let’s seek to repeal this act and help ensure that Eastbourne and the rest of the UK
continues to be a safe and welcoming place for those seeking refuge.
Anne-Marie Bradley
Eastbourne Stand Up to Racism