By Lucette Davies

As much as we blame this Government for the accelerated destruction of our NHS – we must also look at ourselves. Our NHS is on its last legs, fighting for survival and still fighting to save our lives. But how many of us are actively fighting for the life of the NHS?

We have stuck rainbows in our windows and stickers saying ‘thank you NHS’ on our cars. We came out of our houses and applauded the NHS workers every Thursday evening. But now as the NHS workers are being denied an agreed 2.4% our population is curiously silent.

Our NHS nurses have lost on average 20% of their pay in real terms since 2010. They are overworked, exhausted, demoralised and feel undervalued and too many of us are allowing this to happen.

Our NHS is now facing another major overhaul by Government. If this goes ahead, we will have a healthcare system that is a mirror image of the American system. We too may have one of the most expensive and inefficient healthcare services in the world. Our population may soon realise how painful going into bankruptcy because of healthcare costs really is. Are we seriously just going to stay quiet now this is on the table?

At the moment our local authorities have a say in which services are available for the population. But this major overhaul will take away that right. So why are our councillors now not speaking out against this?

Many people locally did sign our petition against the closure of the GP walk-in centre at Eastbourne Station. Many local organisations also offered us their backing. The decision to close the centre went against widespread opposition in the town.

This decision was justified by little more than propaganda. This included the promise that the newly enhanced 111 service would be a suitable replacement for the services offered by the walk-in centre.

But as anyone who has watched the People’s Covid Inquiry will know – GPs believe that when patients phoned 111 about Covid 19 the advice they received was incorrect. In some cases, this strategy was fatal. The 111 service call handlers have no clinical training. The system is deeply flawed and inadequate.

So how on earth did this decision happen when so many of us voiced our opposition? Is this not proof that there really is no point even bothering to oppose political decisions? Should we all just return to trying our best to look after our own lives?

Or should we not just voice our opposition, but raise the volume of our voices? There are dents in the pavement outside Eastbourne station where we stood for so long collecting petition signatures. But there are only about four or five footprints. Perhaps we would have won this fight if there were now hundreds of dents in the pavement?

Please join us, this destruction of our NHS is not necessary. Our lives, and those of our families rely on us having access to good healthcare. We live in a democracy and the politicians are there to represent our interests. The more people who join our campaign the more likely we are to make a difference. Please email me if you are interested