IT’S not looking good for the start of 2021.

Both Eastbourne and Wealden may find ourselves in Tier 4 as the Covid rates soar.

Eastbourne’s figures look particularly grim.

Yesterday, Eastbourne’s Chamber of Commerce warned of ‘new restrictions in the new year.’

And latest analysis shows our rate of infection, caused by the new variant, is soaring.

What can we do over Christmas?

Stay home and stay safe appears to be the simple answer.

Don’t do anything mad, no group gatherings however tempting it may be for some.

Easter isn’t a long way off, although it may well feel so at this current time, and there is hope by then.

Between now and Easter, we face a tough time.

Let’s hope Eastbourne and Wealden can get through it relatively unscathed.

Let’s hope our hospitals can cope.

Let’s hope our schools remain open.

And let’s hope our economy is only harmed and not devastated.

It may be a little Christmas for 2020, but that’s for a very good reason indeed.