SO here we are three days into a second national Lockdown.

And the big question many are asking is: Is this really worth it?

Well, surely the answer has to be yes.

We have to believe the scientists when they say the infection rates are soaring.

And we have to stop and listen when people like Dr Yarrow speak out (see story today on this website).

It doesn’t feel to be quite as strict as before.

Yes, schools, colleges and universities remain open and so they should.

Our roads are also busier than Lockdown 1 with more shops staying open.

We have to crack on with this for the full four weeks.

Then what happens?

If the R rate is below one, all well and fine for the time being.

If it isn’t, would people accept another four weeks? I have my doubts.

At the end of the day, everyone must follow the rules and of course there are those who aren’t and never will.

Let’s hope common sense prevails and come December we are in a better position to open up again.

We can but hope…………