By Lucette Davies

Britain’s political instability has resulted in yet another PM resigning. Some may be delighted to see Boris go, but are we really going to get anything better? Is this change of PM going to result in greater stability or give us just more of the same?

So many people in Eastbourne are now suffering desperate poverty. Our schools are in crisis, our hospital and NHS workforce are at breaking point. Social care is completely inadequate and our social security system treats those at the bottom of the ladder like parasites. Yet the real parasites are the ones at the top of the ladder. The tax dodgers, the people who earn more wealth than they could ever hope to spend. The money grabbing landlords who leave individuals paying extortionate rents for inadequate accommodation are parasites. The bosses of large corporations with record breaking profits who continue to increase prices simply because they can, they too are the parasites.

But sadly there are many people in our community who support these parasites. Eastbourne has repeatedly elected individuals who lend their support to parasites in our society. Although Caroline Ansell has said “it is in the best interest of the country for Johnson to resign”, she claims his “premiership has delivered so much.” It sounds like she is sitting on the fence over this but we need to ask what has Johnson delivered?

The pandemic began under Johnson’s tenure. He did at first claim we should “take it on the chin”. His aim was for the country to develop “herd immunity”. Lockdowns generally came too late, didn’t go far enough and were lifted too early. Elderly people were transferred to care homes, without prior testing for Covid-19. An inordinate amount of money was spent opening Nightingale hospitals with little thought about the fact we lacked adequate numbers of staff to work in them.

The capacity to use emergency legislation was abused by this government. Matt Hancock was found to have acted unlawfully when huge NHS contracts were handed to mates of senior Tories. We ended up seeing faulty PPE worth £10bn thrown away and a test and trace system worth £38bn abandoned.

In Britain there have been 182,000 deaths and enormous suffering. Some may claim this was unavoidable, but China has so far seen just 5,226 deaths. Many other countries have also performed much better than ours.

Our country is now close to another recession. Workers, the elderly, the young and the disabled are paying a very heavy price for Johnson’s gross ineptitude. Our NHS is one small step away from being a US style system. We have heard only about lies, corruption, and a failure to recognise how ordinary people are suffering from this Government. So please Caroline tell me what did Johnson really deliver?

And are we going to elect more of the same? The British establishment maintains this appalling system because they benefit from it. So why do so many, who suffer at the hands of this system, vote for those who maintain it?

We may face another election soon so please remember that those who stand in the middle of the road tend to get run over. Stick firm to what you believe in but most of all make sure you believe in something.