ON Monday we heard that parents of students at Ratton School were told an individual had tested positive for Covid-19.

Yesterday, we learnt that Cavendish School confirmed there had been two covid-19 cases in as many weeks.

Cavendish School in Eldon Road wrote home to parents last Tuesday (October 13) and again yesterday (October 20) confirming the news.

And they won’t be the only ones.

Other schools will be managing similar situations.

It is perhaps an apt time to pay tribute to everyone working in our schools.

First, it is right that our schools remain open.

Children can’t afford to lose any more education.

Second, it’s an incredibly testing time for everyone involved. Staff, pupils, parents and carers.

Schools will be managing positive cases for potentially months, and I think we can all acknowledge they are doing a super job.

Next week is half-term and a break for many. But the pressure will remain on when they come back and we must give our schools the full support they both need and deserve.