With the latest on Boris Johnson banning booze at No 10 – it is too late and the damage was already done before now.

The government that he works with has left us with nowhere to turn for support – with the corruption, lies, and scandals.

The Tory government has allowed people who have millions of pounds to go on to furlough for taxpayers to pay for their staff.

They are only supporting people on universal credit and not any other benefit .. and yet everyone has suffered, even lost loved ones due to covid.

The NHS is suffering with lack of staff yet Boris stated thousands of medical workers would be there to support?

The NHS staff are losing their jobs due to not having had the vaccine as like the rest of us they are scared.

Now Boris has come out of hiding trying to save his job by banning booze. 

Does the government expect people to pay for the government’s mistakes?

The government should have followed their own rules! And not penalised everyone who did not with heavy fines.

We need a fair truthful honest government not Boris Johnson and The Tory government.

Dean Martin

Burwash Close