By Lucette Davies

Many people have started to express their horror at the current levels of inflation and in particular the rise in fuel prices. Many have expressed their anger at the £20/ week cut in Universal Credit that will affect over 10,000 people in Eastbourne alone. Our supermarket shelves are often empty, we can’t get an appointment with a GP and NHS dentistry may soon be in our history books.

So we need to ask ourselves whether we are going to stand by and watch England fall apart. Or are we going to mobilise ourselves and fight for the future of our country.

The politics of the last decade has been extremely divisive. Over the last few weeks I have been called on social networks, a stupid lefty, a woke, an idealist with no grasp of reality and a troublemaker. All because I campaign for the NHS?

What are we doing to ourselves? Could it be that the main reason our country is falling to bits is because we exist in isolated groups where we criticise or condemn everyone else?

The fact is that our country is rife with inequality, corruption, racism, sexism and condemnation of the disabled. We are standing back and watching a few make billions of pounds of profit while others are deprived a home, food and healthcare.

We have blamed the immigrants and all the many ‘others’ for every hardship we endure. But the people at the top, the ones in a smart suit, a lovely home or a beautiful car are offered our respect. Why? Sure if they have done something good admire them. But we have a warped value system where we offer respect simply to people who have. Although often the haves are the reason others don’t have.

We fight over the endless left/ right politics divide. Even the left is divided between those who say we need system change and others who just want to tinker around the edges of the broken system in which we live.

But the first step if we want to heal our country is to break down the barriers, come together, listen to each other and build a better future for us all.

We need a reality check. All of us need to accept the state of our country and recognise our own personal responsibility for this. Because that is what democracy means.

If all you can do is sign a few petitions, then do it. Next time somebody starts to offer political views you find offensive listen. Ask yourself, why they have those views and start a conversation. Because politics governs every aspect of our lives and our future. It is nonsensical to say as many do that you should never talk about politics.

It could be right now the most important thing to talk about.

Our NHS is currently in the most perilous state with workers close to collapse and politicians planning its complete destruction. We don’t have much time left to save it but decent healthcare for all is vital if we hope to rebuild this country.

Please don’t just dismiss this column. We all have many things to worry about on top of politics. But unless we give this some thought our worries will only increase.