THIS week the Herald has rightly reported of positive Covid 19 tests in Eastbourne schools.

First, a child at Heron Park Primary Academy was confirmed to have the virus two weeks ago.

As a result, the whole year group had been told to self-isolate at home.

Then Polegate School said that a trainee teacher had tested positive for the virus, and a class has been sent home as a result.

Now it’s Gildredge House.

Gildredge House sent a letter home to parents on Friday informing them someone had tested positive for covid-19.

It said students and staff who had been in close contact with the individual must self-isolate for two weeks.

Every incident is a shock and a worry to many people, most obviously the parents and carers.

The fact is our schools are doing the most amazing job under very tough circumstances.

We should applaud them all.

But the sad fact is that we must learn to live with this virus for the short term, if not longer.

It’s right that all our schools are open.

But please everyone be prepared for more reports of positive tests in our schools.