SO Brighton is placing more homeless and vulnerable people in Eastbourne hotels.

Is that wrong?

Or do these people deserve a chance just like everyone else?

Your Eastbourne Bid represents hundreds of businesses in the town centre.

It has written to Brighton council boss Geoff Raw telling him the situation had now reached “unacceptable levels.”

Is Your Bid right?

Or should they be more inclusive and recognise that these people have nowhere to live. They have the right for a roof over their heads. Don’t we all?

Steve Holt from the BID says there is now a real risk to public safety.

He talks about drug dealing, anti social behaviour and shoplifting.

Well, that’s down to the police to increase their presence on a daily basis with the extra officers we now have.

Steve says it is unfair both on our businesses, our visitors and our residents.

He says it threatens our town’s recovery.


According to Brighton and Hove Council, Eastbourne police say any issues have been minor.

It’s quite clear there is a wide gap in communication between Your Bid and Eastbourne Police.

That might be a good starting point Steve.

I’ve always believed that people deserve a chance. Steve’s comments are very harsh.

I’m not saying he’s wrong, he may not be. But it’s clear the key groups are not working together on this one. And they should be.