WE all knew it was coming……………..

We will wake up on Boxing Day in Tier 4, the toughest Tier, with no idea how long that will be the case.

Three months is my bet.

It’s incredible how we all found this out from the press yesterday morning.

How must MPs like Caroline feel when Boris briefs the press before telling his crew?

But Tier 4 it is and Tier 4 it will be.

We can’t change it. All we can do now is do our bit and follow the rules.

Of course there will be some who will not, and I fear there is little that can be done about that sadly.

Of course, test and trace seems a lost forgotten phrase but I do wonder whether it would be different if we had a top test and trace system in place.

Probably not. Because the new variant has shocked the scientists and health chiefs with its speed.

Let’s look out for others just as we did in Lockdown 1 and 2.

The community needs to come together once again.

Let’s hope it does.

Merry Christmas everyone!